hey lovers, i’m Lu

I just thought id share a bit about myself

in 2012 i finished my degree in Communication Design (Graphic design), i bought a van and road tripped with my sewing machine, up the east coast of australia. it was on that trip that all the stars and planets seemed to align and things kicked off.

i decided then that i wanted to create a life that would give me greater purpose and encourage my creative juices flow. Over the past few years I travelled and experienced different ways of living and making.

I have completed short courses in lost wax casting, silversmithing, wheel throwing & hand building.. and for the rest of it, I’m self taught and just love experimenting with different processes and techniques.. mostly just making it up as i go :)

i’m an earth and animal lover. i’m inspired by the natural world, everything about her; her patterns, colours, textures, scents and cycles. I believe that by looking after our mamma earth she will look after us!

I am infinitely grateful for all the living, learning and loving I've experienced from this journey, and feel i have lifetimes of lessons to learn still!

Lu xx

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RYLIE & the fur babies

Rylie is the FLUX chief operating officer and the other-Mum of our all our fur babies, Poppy, Atlas, Biscuit, Zephyr & Kichi. You'll find Rylie at every market - She's been FLUX's No.1 fan since the very early days of FLUX and I’m so lucky to have her support us every step of the way.

Atlas, Poppy, & Bikkie are the FLUX security officers, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting these monsters you will probably be barked at or licked to death. These three floofs keep the whole operation together and fill our worlds with infinite love!