My ceramic journey begun in winter 2018 at our local ceramic studio in elsternwick. i am a little seedling to the ceramic world but i have fallen in love.. hard. ceramics has shown me patience, simplicity & how therapeutic working with you head, heart & hands truly is. the whole process takes weeks sometimes even months: from a slab of clay to finished pot.

Wheel thrown: some of my pieces i throw on the wheel > a delicate practice of centring, pulling up walls & shaping.

hand built: i also use various techniques including pinching, coiling & slab building to make each desired piece


jewellery making process

since 2015 i've been visiting a jewellery school & studio in Bali (this is where my casting is completed). The studio is a beautiful working environment & creative space to be in. My teachers have become dear friends and I hurry back as often as I can! The studio is a small scale business. We have access to beautiful light filled studio rooms which are extremely clean, well organised & safe!

Solder: Using a jewellers torch and foot pump, the equipment we use requires no electrical power. It’s a case of delicate hand eye coordination; one hand holding the fire torch, the other holding working tongs, whilst one foot pumping the air through the torch line and trying to make as little body movement as possible so the hands are able to keep steady.

Lost wax: A design is finalised and carved out of a soft wax (soap like material). This is made to the size of the desired finished product. The wax mould is then sent away for a master mould to be made & further duplicate moulds are then made from the master. The desired materials are poured into the moulds. Then each piece is sanded, filed & polished & ready to be worn!!