As with all Artisan Jewellery, regular exposure to water and the elements can often affect delicate pieces and particular stones. We recommend to take off your pieces when showering, swimming, and washing your hands. It is also important to treat each piece with love & care.

>> When cleaning your items we suggest to use a silver polishing cloth. <<

Please note these items are all handmade, therefore no two items are identical in every way… making each piece that extra bit special & unique. all our silver is recycled 925 strerling Silver. All our Brass and Bronze is nanocoated to prevent any possible skin irritation and to combat against tarnishing.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us!

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the most accurate way to workout your ring size is to visit a local jewellery store, where they can measure your ring size. Or alternatively you can come visit us at a market in Melbourne, and we'll help you work out your ring size.

Another way is to measure the circumference of your finger with string or you can measure the diameter of an existing ring you have - and compare it to a ring chart online.



We're greenies that love to REFUSE, REDUCE, REPAIR, REUSE & RECYCLE.
We make a conciouse effort to have as little impact on the environment as possible!!

Some of the ways we achieve this are;
- Our business cards & tags are sustainably printed on recycled paper and are compostable
- We don't use plastic bags!!! > We offer our beautiful up-cycled sari jewellery pouches with every purchase
- All our postal packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable
- All of our silver used is recycled
- Our displays are all handmade using natural materials (repurposed wood and plumbing pipes)


jewellery making process

Solder: Using a jewellers torch and foot pump, the equipment we use requires no electrical power. It’s a case of delicate hand eye coordination; one hand holding the fire torch, the other holding working tongs, whilst one foot pumping the air through the torch line and trying to make as little body movement as possible so the hands are able to keep steady.

Lost wax: A design is finalised and carved out of a soft wax (soap like material). This is made to the size of the desired finished product. The wax mould is then sent away for a master mould to be made & further duplicate moulds are then made from the master. The desired materials are poured into the moulds. Then each piece is sanded, filed & polished & ready to be worn!!